Understanding Human Behaviour

Personality is what’s on the inside; behaviour is what comes out and it affects – and is affected by – those around us.

Understanding human behaviour allows us to focus on the words/actions which shape our interactions with others, develop effective human skills and provide a framework for predicting behaviour.


In signing up for this programme, participants will have taken the first step in understanding themselves and their behavioural tendencies/how to manage same. For all managers and senior staff, the programme provides a platform for understanding themselves/how to manage others productively in different circumstances and the ever changing social and environmental conditions. This one-day programme is an assessment-based (DiSC®) learning experience that helps people reconnect to themselves and others by embracing their diverse strengths and behaviour styles; (before the training date, each participant will take an online assessment that immediately creates a personalised DiSC® profile). 


When an organisation understands its staff via their behavioural profiles, it can set better goals and get its workforce to function at peak efficiency.

  • Gain insights into your behaviour and those of others.

  • Understand and appreciate the work styles of others.

  • Learn how to communicate and persuade more effectively.

  • Create strategies for overcoming challenges when working with people of different DiSC® styles.

  • Work collaboratively and respectfully with individuals with diverse backgrounds.

  • Adapt to new workplace environments and changing professional needs.

  • Develop leadership and self-management skills to work effectively in a variety of social and group contexts.

  • Respond appropriately to feedback from supervisors and team members.

  • The four major behavioural profiles/styles 

  • How the environment affects behaviour

  • The cornerstone principles of human behaviour

  • Reviewing individual participants DiSC® profiles/styles

  • Developing the strength of managers

  • Understanding observable behaviour

  • What behavioural values mean to the organisation

  • Modifying behaviour to manage better

  • Coaching and managing the various behavioural profiles/styles

  • Instruction/facilitation will be led virtually OR on-site

  • Interactive class sessions driven by case studies and real life scenarios

  • Personalised DiSC® profile

  • Certificate of completion